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Daniel S Kroll

Daniel Scott Kroll

About Me!

Hey everyone, welcome to my website! My name is Daniel and I'm originally from Richmond, Virginia. I just recently graduated from Ithaca College where I majored in musical theatre. I'd like to say I have been singing and dancing the minute I left the delivery room with my mom, and haven't stopped since. In the few seconds of free time I have outside of theater school, I have a passion for art, traveling, and music. I grew up traveling with my family, so immerseing myself in different cultures and art inspires and allows me to create an even deeper connection to my craft. And music is just awesome. It makes me want to dance, it makes me cry, I can sing to it; you will never catch me anywhere without my headphones. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy my site! 

P.C. Jessica Osber

Headshot / Resume

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